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Check out what customers have to say about their HeadPeace headbands!


"I love the versatility of these headbands. Great for keeping stray hair out of my face, covering ears when temps drop, or as a gaitor when needed." (Sam Shipley)

"HeadPeace is my go-to item for yoga. It's soft, moisture wicking and easy to wash. I love that it can be worn and used in countless ways!'s even been a mask! You'll truly love yours!" (Laura Polen)

"HeadPeace headbands are fantastic! I wear mine to work out or with a cute outfit! They are full of style and functionality. I love how soft they are and they keep the sweat from running down my face and my hair in place. My favorite headband by far!" (Lauren Austin)

 "HeadPeace is my go-to option for headbands.  They’re perfect for yoga, hiking, wearing under your bike helmet and more!  It’s the Goldilocks of all options out there.  Many headbands give me a headache due to their tight fit, while others tend to slip off.  HeadPeace stays in place and is fashionable as well!  Love the feel of the fabrics and many beautiful options available.  The added bonus – you are helping to support women in Nepal! Great products offered by a great company!" (Kari Meskin)

"A huge reason I love HeadPeace is that the company helps under-privileged women. They are stylish, comfortable and stay in place without issue. There are many beautiful designs to choose from and are made of a great absorbing fabric. Whether it’s used to keep sweat off your face or as a stylish hair piece they are something I always have near by. I have gotten them for friends and family and I always get rave reviews about them. They are worth every penny!" (Samantha Griebel)

"We LOVE our HeadPeace bands! It's hard to find a headband my little one keeps on and it is so lightweight and comfy that she will wear it all day long! I can get matching ones...BONUS! I am one satisfied mommy!" (Jenni)
 "I have very fine hair and not much of it. So, headbands are always sliding back and need readjusting or buffs are too bulky and make me look totally bald. My Headpeace headband is not only the softest headband I've ever worn but it never needed to be adjusted all day! It stays in one place without sliding or squeezing too tightly. When I need to throw my hair up in a ponytail, my Headpeace headband feels cute but also makes me feel like I can accomplish my growing to do list. I want to buy one for every lady on my Christmas gift list!" (Kate Marshall)
"I love my HeadPeace headband! It is super soft and stays put. It also helps me look younger by hiding my grey hair and forehead wrinkles." (Maleah Gilles)
"I absolutely love my head peace headbands. They are perfect for when my hair is a hot mess or when I’m ready to work out or go for a hike. Thanks for your wonderful head bands. I’ll be ordering more soon. I love small family businesses and love this family." (Maranda Wilaby)
"I love how soft and comfortable they are, I forget I’m even wearing one! I also love all the fun designs!" (Jenny Evenson)